Wet vs Dry

Wet application should be used where:

  • Orchards have insufficient male vines
  • Bee pollination is not working effectively
  • Orchards are surrounded by other crops that are more attractive to pollinating insects
  • Wind, cold or rain is limiting pollination by bees.

For these factors, we’d recommend Kiwi Pollen and Pollen Aid®.

Dry application should be used where:

  • Male flowering is less than optimum
  • Orchards have insufficient male vines
  • Orchards need a general top-up to maximise pollination

For these factors, we would recommend Kiwi Pollen dry application

Kiwi Pollen 4L Pressure Sprayer

The 4L Pressure Sprayer has a robust backpack which can be pressurised to last for an entire tank without re-pressurising.

It's mounted on your back and has a supply tube leading to a hand piece. It’s easy to use when targeting each flower or group of flowers for assured pollination.
10 - 15 man hours per hectare

Kiwi Pollen Mini Duster

The Kiwi Pollen Mini Duster is perfect for the targeted pollination of Deliciosa types, especailly for cost effective pollination where flowering is uneven throughout the orchard.

The Kiwi Pollen Mini Duster is ideal for pollination of Chinensis (yellow and red) varieties.
*Targeted application to open flowers.
*For applying pollen every second day.
*Continuous or pulse action
*Lightweight and easy to use
*Utilises five man hours per pass. Use 150 - 250 grams of pollen per pass (for one hectare).

Note: A Kiwi Pollen jar (either 250 or 100 gram) fits directly on to the top of the mini duster.