Quality Pollen

Kiwi Pollen is constantly working on research and development which will advance artificial pollination practises, and complement current technology.

For any good pollination, quality is the key. We are able to produce effective pollen through our pollen collection and storage techniques.

Pollen Collection

We have perfected the procedure for collecting male kiwifruit flowers and gently extracting the pollen.

Identifying what makes good pollen is a key strength of Kiwi Pollen. Each year, Kiwi Pollen produces large volumes of top grade kiwifruit pollen from high performance male vines. This is achieved as we only collect flowers from high quality male vines which are grown in well-maintained orchards with proper vine nutrition.

Quality pollen germinates well with strong pollen tubes and has good seed setting performance.

Pollen purity is assured because our staff collect flowers just before they open, minimising the chance of contamination by wind and insects.

Pollen Storage

Our quality assurance procedures during storage involve:

  • Regular testing of pollen samples and pollen tube growth in sugar solutions
  • Monitoring storage temperatures; ensuring the pollen remains between -10 and -18°C.
  • Final testing for pollen germination before shipping
  • Shipping around New Zealand by fast courier using polystyrene bins with glycol cold packs, to maintain low temperatures
  • Shipping worldwide by "jet service" using polystyrene bins with dry ice or glycol to maintain low temperatures

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