Organic Male Kiwifruit Pollen

IMPORTANT NOTICE for 2015 : In accordance with BioGro Policy, Biogro now allows the use of non- BioGro certified pollen and PollenAid on Biogro certified orchards. Growers must obtain a derogation prior to use. For this reason, Kiwi Pollen no longer holds BioGro certification.

Kiwi Pollen had been a fully Certified Input Producer from 1999 through to July 2015. From August 2015 onwards , all pollen and PollenAid will still be manufactured according to BioGro standards, though without certification.Kiwi Pollen Organic Male Pollen is sourced and harvested from Biogro certified orchards and is milled and produced according to Biogro’s internationally accredited Quality Assurance standards

Quality Assurance

Freshly harvested pollen is dried to low moisture contents and then frozen for maximum storage life. Our quality assurance procedures during storage involve:

  • Regular testing of pollen samples to ensure the high viability of our pollen is maintained. This is done by testing pollen tube growth in sugar solutions.
  • Monitoring storage temperatures to maintain pollen at less than -12°C temperatures.
  • Final testing for pollen germination before shipping around New Zealand by fast courier using polystyrene chilly bins with glycol cold packs to maintain consistent low temperatures.
Organic Male Kiwifruit Pollen (20g) Price on application
Organic Male Kiwifruit Pollen (250g) Price on application

Bio PollenAid®

Kiwi Pollen Bio PollenAid uses the same technology as regular PollenAid but is formulated to meet international standards for organic certification

The PollenAid® process maintains the viability of kiwifruit pollen in a water-based suspension so it can be sprayed on to female flowers to set seeds. The more seeds that set, the bigger the fruit will be.

By using PollenAid®, flowers can be pollinated during adverse weather, when insect and wind pollination is not possible. The wet spray system has many successes even in heavy rain.

$26.00 (per litre)

Prices are exclusive of GST and may vary based on shipping

KP Organic Marker Dye

Organic marker dye to enable accurate flower spraying. Mix into the Bio Pollenaid and pollen suspension immediately prior to spraying.

Adding colour shows which flowers have been sprayed.


Prices are exclusive of GST and may vary based on shipping