Kiwi Pollen will bring its experience to your orchard to assist with pollination planning.

This involves two stages:

Orchard Management and Planning

First, a review of the orchard’s performance must be undertaken. Reviewing the orchard’s performance in relation to the key indicators of pollination will reveal whether there are gains to be made by improving the pollination on the orchard. The review considers fruit size, dry matter, yield, and seed number. Kiwi Pollen also considers environmental factors that may affect the orchard including: shade, temperature, moisture and altitude. Advice can also be given on how to naturally maximise the number of male flowers on your orchard, improving natural pollination and increasing fruit yield.

Pollen viability testing

The next step is ensuring that the selected pollen is fit for purpose.

Kiwi Pollen will test any pollen for viability. To achieve this, the water bath method is used; incubating the pollen for 4 hours at 25°C.

Germinated pollen grains are counted. The viability is expressed as a percentage of germinated grains over total grains, including those which are ungerminated.

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